Does Vaping Weed Smell?

I just bought my first e-cig and I’m wondering if it will smell like weed if I were to use it in public.

That is a really good question because I remember when people used to smoke cigarettes before entering indoor restaurants and bars years back, for example. However, smoking indoors has been banned for a very long time now and vaping weed has just recently become a trend.

The basic answer is yes, it will smell like weed if you were to vape indoors because e-cigs heat up the herbal material and allow it to release its odor, whether you use pre-filled cartridges or refill them with their own recipes of oils and herbs—either way the herbal material will heat up.

The good news is that vaping weed doesn’t smell as strong as smoking it because there are no actual flames used to set the material on fire, unlike smoking it. This means that the vapor released doesn’t actually have any traces of chemicals or toxins in them, which makes vaping largely considered a much safer alternative compared to smoking.

This also means that vaping weed doesn’t have an unpleasant odor, which the second-hand smoke resulting from burning plant material does. It has more of a fruity or minty fragrance to it instead of smelling like burnt cherry cough drops.

Vaporizing weed is legal in many states because e-cigs are considered as a tobacco-free alternative to smoking, so it is not illegal to do it in public places.

Most people are still unaware about the effects of vaping weed but some might even find out that they are more effective compared to smoking it because you can control how much cannabis oil you want your e-cig cartridge to have. For example, if you want a more potent solution you can simply do it on your own by adding more oil into the liquid.

The one thing people have to bear in mind is that vaping weed doesn’t smell as strong as smoking it but this really does depend on the type of e-cig you are using and where exactly you use it. If you vape it in a closed environment such as your house, you might get away with the smell not being detected immediately.

Just remember that vaping weed is best done when no one is around and if anyone hassles you about it just say you were smoking an e-cig or vaping nicotine instead of marijuana. You can simply say that the vapor doesn’t smell like weed and hopefully they will leave you alone. Vaporizing or vaping isn’t illegal, but if anyone asks you to stop doing it, simply put your vaporizer away and go back to smoking the old school way.

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